Stratford-upon-Avon to Bilston

20111212-115222.jpgShakespeare resides over this place. Everywhere you go there is some sort of mention of him. Statues of and hotels and churches and even banks.

20111212-115634.jpg I wonder if Shakespeare had a bank account and paid his bills with an app on his iPhone? Walking around this place makes me wish my Dad could see it. He can quote Williams's works from memory. Falstaff

20111212-120233.jpg Hamlet

20111212-120311.jpg Lady Macbeth

20111212-120401.jpg After walking around the place I sai to myself, "I wonder if I can find Shakespeare's grave?" I bet it's hard to find the church he was buried in.

20111212-120630.jpg Ohhh where can his grave be?

20111212-120740.jpg I think now that I'm inside the church I might be able to find it.

20111212-120921.jpg Ohhhh my God. I'm a genius navigator. I found it!

20111212-121149.jpg What a fun day. The show in Stratford kicked royal Shakespearian arse. Then we drive to Bilston and played another grand fiesta show for the blue collar town. The room sounded great last night in Bilston. There's such a different vibe to a Sunday night crowd vs a Saturday night crowd. The show last night was a seated affair an the Stratford show was standing. Standing vs seated makes a huge difference. I like both. They both have their pluses and minuses. Last night in Bilston I chatted with a bunch of cool folks and then checked football scores back home to see if Tebow and company could pull out another win for Denver. It was a in night and now we are headed to play a show in Milton Keynes at The Stables. It's anTuesday and the sun is shining. Cheers, S