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Steve's movie reviews--Inside Llewyn Davis

I'm sorry that I'm not a good movie reviewer but I really love to talk about films I've seen.

The new Coen Brothers movie is so damn good that I'd call it a perfect film. I went to see it yesterday in Palm springs with my Father. It was so cool to sneak away with my Dad to the cinema. We bought a huge tub of popcorn and even got real butter and we drank cokes. Totally decadent.

The main dude in the film that plays Llewyn Davis is so believable as a early 60s NYC folksinger. What a beautiful voice. The song selection was impeccable. The best part is that you actually get to hear whole songs and not just snippets.

The movie takes place in 1961 and is loosely based around the lives of some of the characters hanging out at the venerable folk club The Gaslight. I think Llewyn Davis' character was modeled after Dave Van Ronk. He's such an unlikeable character that he's actually like-able. I found myself cheering him on. He completely screws up everything he comes in contact with but his singing is so beautiful and so real that I was covered in goosebumps at certain scenes.

Oh- and did I mention that I was laughing out loud throughout the movie? It's hilarious and dark as only The Coen Brothers can do.

I don't want to give a away too much but be prepared for a James Joyce type Ulysses journey. Great performances by Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake and John Goodman. Oscar Isaac plays Llewyn Davis and he's a force of nature. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on my favorite movie of 2013.

I apologize for rambling. I am now headed to Denver. I play The Soiled Dove tonight at 8.

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