steve hearts milan

steve-hearts-milan.jpgmilan and steve in mid laugh about something really immature Arrived on dec 27th- played a show in Newcastle dec 28---------------- played a show in Cronulla december 29th------ played another show in Cronulla at The Brass Monkey deciembre 30th------ played a show in Newtown at The Vanguard near Sydney new years eve------- played 1st show in cronulla at 9:30 pm new years eve------- played 2nd show at private party at Yutunga rd 10:45 pm new years day!------ played a show in Daylesford after flying into Melbourne jan 2nd--------------- played a house concert at Deanos! great backyard stage jan jan 3rd------------played 1st show at pure pop records (son of bon scott!!!) january 3rd---------- played 2nd show in Melbourne @ Northcote Social Club enero 4th-------------played a house concert in Melbourne jan fifth---------------flew to perth and played at fly by night in freemantle! today is Sunday 6th of january and i am off to play a house concert in Perth so that means in 11 days of being here I have played 13 shows. Milan is the man. He is the Milan. He is like Ghandi only he is Milandhi. I don't want a sandwich. I want a milanwich. I take the red eye to Brisbane Tomorrow. Milan didn't want me to play Brisbane but I demanded we play there. Hopefully it pays off. All of the shows so far have had great attendance so tell all the Brizzy folks to come out on a Tuesday. Big thanks to Milan for being a great friend and tour organizer promoter man of the year. Milan of the year. Love, Sjjp