Stephen Hawking!

  Wow! I was going through some more of my old pictures and I found this shot from back in 1988 in Barcelona, Spain. Stephen Hawking just happened to be rolling by and he had just released his book A Brief History Of Time. I think he was on a book tour. All I know is my pal Jim Wiggins said "hey, there's the guy that's on the cover of all those books in those store windows!" So Jim started looking for his crappy little camera and had one shot left on his roll of film and I stood in front of Stephen Hawking waving my arms around like a madman to slow him down to stall for time so Jim could grab his camera take the picture. Then Stephen Hawking smiled at us and asked us in a computer voice if we had any weed. I looked at Jim and Jim looked at me and then we both checked our pockets but we only had some chewing gum that we stole from Woolworths so we just shrugged our shoulders and asked him in he was a cop. In his computer voices he just said "you guys are losers. Idiots." And then he was gone.

I would've never remembered this if it weren't for Kodak and all the dust on this memory.

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