speak spanish with steve!

mexico.jpgListen down below by clicking where it says listen here and you will be on your way to speaking fluent Spanish just like the big kids. Listen Here Big Guy: quanto cuesta un pasaje para lima? (how much is a ticket to lima?) Little Guy: de Lima Peru? (to Lima, Peru?) BG: Si, de Lima, peru. (Yes to Lima, Peru) LG: De ida y vuelta? (round trip?) BG: Solomente de ida (only one way) LG: Dos mil dolares (two thousanad dollars) BG: Dos mil dolares> Que barbaridad! Cuanto cuesta un pasage para El Cajon?(two thousands dollars. what a rip off! How much is a ticket to El Cajon?) LG: Mmm, El Cajon, Cailfornia? (Mmm, El cajon California?) BG Si, El Cajon, California. (Yes, El Cajon, California) LG: Viente dolares. (twenty dollars) BG Ahh, bueno. Cuando hay vuelos para El Cajon? (Ahh, good. When are there flights to El Cajon?) LG: Ahh, solomente uno in Noviembre. (Ahh, only one in November.) DOGGY: Ruf ruff! (bow wow) LG: Cayete perro! (shut up doggy!) DOGGY: Lo siento. (I'm sorry) BG: Solomente uno in Noviembre? Este es ..... Deciembre! (Only one in November? This is December!) LG: Que lastima! hahahhahahahahahahahah! Estupido! Idiota! HAAHHAHHAAA! Feliz Navidad! (Too bad! heeeheheeeehheeeehheeeehheeeee) Stupid! Idiot! HEEEHEEEHHEEEE Merry Christmas!)