20140207-122055.jpgI ate cookies last night. They were yummtastic. I sang songs. They were elastic. I danced on stage and I was spastic. I didn't drink 7 shots of espresso because that would be drastic. If I did drink the coffee I'd get bombastic. My ass is sagging like melting plastic.

Thank you for the good times. Fa la la la la. This here Canadian tour is winding down. Tonight is my final Toronto appearance. It's going to be happening early. 7-9 pm. The Orbit Room. We are rolling back the prices to 10 smackeroos. Ten lousy dirty dollars that could've been in the hands of someone with bird flu. This is a disgusting price. I'm sickened by it. The only thing that will heal me is seeing your pretty smiling faces.

The Olympic opening ceremonies are making me cry. I love seeing all the random countries smiling and waving. It's so cool to see their different outfits. Poland wins the award for having the most fun!

See ya later Remaining Canadian shows: Feb 7 Toronto The Orbit Room at 7pm

Feb 8 Wakefield Quebec The Blacksheep 4pm early I show for In The Dead Of Winter Festival.

Feb 9 Halifax Nova Scotia The Carleton 8pm

USA Feb 16 Solana Beach Ca The Belly Up

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