Space Museum


Thanks to Amy Sue Berlin for taking this pic. I'm excited to play San Diego tomorrow night at The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park. 7-10pm. AND - I get to release my new rockNroll CD called The Accident. More info on the show tomorrow here like to sleep but I don't got to do that very often. Therefore today I have what I call Clinton eyes. Remember when Bubba was prez and he was traveling to and fro and he had puffy eyes? That's me today. I have Gucci bags under my eyes. No- scratch that, I have Louis Vuitton bags. At least I'm making them expensive.

I need a corn tortilla and a frisbee and a patch of grass and a blanket and some sun and a sparkling glass of Pellegrino on the rocks with a zest of lemon. Rock in the Park tickets