Some Things I Saw In Northen Ca

20120303-090304.jpgFlew through a tunnel to a house party. And... Thank you for coming out in droves to the sold out show in Berkeley, Ca last night. Frank and Melissa were amazing to let everyone inside for some "sweet jams" as Andrew Pressman likes to say. John Elliott opened the shindig and was amazing. Check him out. I heart him. KC Turner puts on many a house concert in Northern Ca and if you've never been to one of his shows I highly recommend it. Check him out and support him.

20120303-091241.jpg I went to The Oakland Zoo with Ben because he asked me to accompany his kindergarten class on a field trip. I could watch the squirrel monkeys all day.

20120303-091434.jpg Ben is a badass. He had heart surgery when he was even younger than this picture and crossed over to the other side. Then he came back this world and let's just say he's a bit different. He's an old soul. Very wise and super funny. We had pizza at Zachary's in Berkeley.

20120303-091722.jpg Damn that's some good pizza pie. I could eat it for breakfast. In fact, I think I will.

20120303-091847.jpg This dog reminded me of a Lou Reed song. All in all it was a great day. Even got some advice.

20120303-093237.jpg Now I'm about to head down to Paso Robles Ca. Near San Luis Obispo. I'm playing another sort of house party. Y'all should drive on down. It's at midnight cellars 2925 Anderson Rd Paso Robles Ca. Email Emily for more info: 7pm show! xo Steve