Some things I believe in

Jeez. I was just reading some posts from yesterday on the old Facebook page. I started a bit of a firestorm with my latest Ceepyland art. Just a couple things about that ---1. I've had a Creepyland series going for quite some time. This is my art and it's super fun for me. Go back and check all my instagram Crepyland pics. Some people hate them and some people love them. It's only art. Everyone has an opinion when it comes to art. I just find Romney and Ryan to be great subjects for this series. I put all kinda of dolls robots people including myself in the series. It's fun and it makes me laugh. I love to laugh. It's my favorite thing. 2. Politically - I kow I'm not going to change anyone's mind. People have their beliefs and I have mine. But--- let me say this: President Obama isn't liberal enough for me. I want him to be way more radical. But it's never going to happen. I know this. Politicians have to win seats and votes and they need to find middle ground. I will vote Republican when the GOP matches my values which I'm unashamed to type here. I believe in gay rights. Gay marriage. I'm for stronger teacher unions. I'm against authorities just stopping someone on the streets and demanding their papers because their skin color is different. I live in San Diego and I love our rich Hispanic community. I want some gun control. Call me crazy but I don't think we need assault rifles and ammo so readily available. I want religion and God out of my politics. And--- wait for it--- I am for a woman's right to choose. I think the government should stay away from trying to reverse Roe vs Wade. Let me say it again - I am pro choice. And --- I'm for national healthcare. I believe it's a right. I believe we need a safety net. I'm against war. I'm against spending trillions of dollars on needless wars. I want that money put into education and infrastructure. I'm definitely for a future that doesn't rely on an addiction to oil. These are just some of my beliefs. I love crazy art and freaks and weirdos. I love people I love love. Yes- I love love. I also have many republican friends. Gasp! Gosh, my friend Jim Mcintosh is a dyed in the wool Republican. I love him. He makes me laugh. We are never going to change each other's minds. Never! My accountant is definitely right wing. His name is Bob Croasdale. I love him so much. He has great stories. But this is who I am. Does the republican party match my core beliefs? It doesn't look like they do. Ergo we are at loggerheads. An impasse. It doesn't mean I still can't spread laughter. And for those of you who say musicians should stay out of politics? Well, that's your opinion. These are mine. I'll still keep making music that moves me. I always will. Peace be with you ... and also with you. SjjP