Sold out koo koo land

20140106-220009.jpgMy Thursday night show in Portland is sold out. I want to talk the concert guy into breaking fire codes and removing seats and stuff and letting more people in.

But then I might get sued. And if I get sued then I can't tour as much. If I can't tour as much then I go crazier than I already am. If I go crazier than I already am then I'll be locked up. If I get locked up then I really can't tour. If I really can't tour then I'll reach the tipping point and escape and direct traffic naked in the middle of an intersection on El Cajon Blvd. if I direct traffic naked then CNN might cover the story before they cover me with a blanket. Then my record sales will go up. If my record sales increase then all my shows will be sold out. If all my shows are sold out then I'll have to add more shows.

I'm starting to sound like a direct tv ad.

I'm sorry that my Portland show is sold out this Thursday.

But the good news is that I just added an earlier show in San Diego at The Casbah for this Friday.

So if you're in Portland Oregon and want to see a show then please come to San Diego for the show time. I'm staying here with some friends and they've got lots of room. You can sell your paintings on the sidewalk.

Goodnight now. Show me your lightning bolt.