Smokey Joe is going to the doctor

20110408-081608.jpgToday I drive out to Taylor Guitars for Smokey Joe's big day of surgery. The poor guy has a 18 inch crack on his underside and another nice one down the front. He's ok about it. I asked him this morning if he was scared and he said, "I ain't no fraidy cat. I ain't a scared a nuttin'!" I believe him because over the years he's been a trooper traveling continents and oceans and living in underbellies of airplanes and trains and vans and being dropped by careless baggage handlers everywhere. He's also been strummed and banged on by an aggressive taskmaster on stages everywhere rain or shine. I love him and he's my friend. Today he gets a major bypass and he'll be as good as new and ready to rock again. Please wish him well. Love, Me