Sleep come free me

Late night sleepless tossing turning feel like a spider bit me in the neck. Face is itchy. Neck is swollen head is buzzing like I have locusts in my brain. There's snow outside and this room is freezing like a meat locker. I need some sort of sleeping aid. These are the weird hours when dark thoughts creep inside and the world seems like it's too much. Must fall back to sleep. Plane to catch in the morning. Leaving Denver for San Diego. Got a show on Saturday night at Cheers of Ramona. If you're in the San Diego area then I suggest you drive on out to the country for this extravaganza. It's only a 30 minute drive or a 4 minute helicopter flight. I think I'll read Siddartha because it makes me relaxed and sleepy. Must turn off brain now. Isn't there a light switch for this sort of thing? Where are we going? I need to go see Bob Dylan play. As long as he's alive the world seems ok to me. I don't care that people say his concerts are disappointing. I love him and he could sing or growl the phone book and I'd be happy. Early Dylan, middle Dylan or current Dylan. It doesn't matter.

The Phillies just signed Cliff Lee! Wow. I just read that. My friend Lou Demarco is going to be very happy. the Phillies now have the best pitching rotation in baseball. At least on paper.

Breathe deep. Exhale. Repeat and rinse. SP