Simon Marnie and The BBQ-dog trumpet,mental as anything, the go-betweens,dead letter chorus and Reg Mombassa!

Man I had a good time at the BBQ at Simon Marnie's house. You see, Simon works for The ABC radio in Sydney and has had me on his show several times. So it's safe to say he's gotten to know me over the last couple of years. He hangs with his lovely partner Amanda Brown and they have a very cool Sydney life with their Detroit Pistons loving son Nelson. Detroit Pistons? All the way in Sydney, Australia? So Simon has a BBQ and he invites all these cool guests. First of all his wife Amanda played violin in The Go-Betweens and played with REM on a tour. So she was there along with Lindy who was the drummer in The Go Betweens. He also had Peter O'Doherty and Reg from Dog Trumpet. They're brothers and they were in Mental As Anything. Mental as Anything! They're both artists and Reg goes by the name Reg Mombassa. He did all the artwork for Mambo and did huge art pieces for The Sydney Olympics. His art has been featured in heap of museums and he plays a rockin' slide guitar. There's a book out about him now and it's amazing. It's got so much of his life in it from art to music to art. It's called The Mind and Times Of Reg Mombassa. We passed the guitars around and had a sing song session in Simon's backyard surrounded by 2 different varieties of oysters and huge prawns and 2 different kinds of grilled sausages and salads and drinks galore. Talk about Australian hospitality! So anyways, I invited Reg an Peter and Amanda to sing some songs before I went on at Sticky Bar and they worked up an amazing set of music. The between song banter between the brothers was hilarious as they took the piss out of each other. I was so happy sitting there watching them rock the packed house. Then in the middle of my set I invited Cam And Gabs of Dead Letter Chorus up to sing a couple of songs. They toured Australia with me a couple of years back and lately they've been getting a lot of radio play on triple j. They killed it! Man what a night. Check out all of their music and art.Good times. Thanks to Simon for inviting me to a BBQ that led to musical extravaganza. Whatta host, whatta guy!

I play with Jason Collett of Broken Social Scene on Jan 15, Saturday night at Camelot Lounge in Sydney.

Sunday night I do a repeat performance at The Brass Monkey in Cronulla.



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