Signs of life

20111217-175334.jpgI'm just sitting backstage in London at The Jazz Cafe feeling grateful for this crazy journey that's slowly winding down. Going through photos and such. It feels like Christmas outside and the street are bustling with anticipation of a fun filled Saturday night. 4 shows left. I need to pee.

20111217-175728.jpg Ahhhhhh much better. Now just waiting to sound check and looking at all the punters scurrying about below. I will cry on the last night of this tour. I can tell. I feel it it building up in my ever dry Saharan tear ducts. I bet a couple drops will fall and I won't even be chopping onions. I love everyone tonight. Tomorrow who knows? But tonight is a world of spinning syrupy love.

20111217-180355.jpg Merry merry to you. And don't forget to come out to my only solo London show tomorrow (Sunday) in Greenwich at The Pelton Arms. I go on at 8. Oh deary don't be late. It's gonna be great. It's etched in slate. S