shoe shopping with peter buck

23peterandme.jpgI was in NYC the other day shoe shopping and there was Peter Buck. I have always loved his guitar playing in R.E.M. and I met him once in Seattle. He told me he was a fan of my cd Answering Machine. How strange is that? So we looked at shoes together for a short spell and talked about shoe soles and boots and leather and homadey shoes versus factory shoes. I like homadey shoes I told him. Then he had the security in the store come and kick me out. But not before I had this pic taken. Ok seriously, I really was more than a little star struck. I love his jangly guitar sound when he rocks the Rickenbacker 12 string. He was so nice and really does like Answering machine so in honor of this moment I am including the song Shoe Shopping for your listening pleasure. Pleasure? Is that the right word? I invited him to my show at The Tractor Tavern in Seattle so maybe he'll show up. Then again maybe not unless he brings the police with him. That would be cool. The Police. Sting and Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland. Spread the word now! The Police and Peter are playing with me at The Tractor Tavern in Seattle. I think that Neil Young is showing up too with some homadey tortillas and Lyle Lovett in tow. I rule! It's time I wake up and smell the cat food in my bank account. Cheerio, Steve P.S. here is the song. Listen Here! to sing along use an English accent and say: Do you wanna go shoe shopping with me? I own a new Sears charge card can't you see? We'll buy some black leather boots don't ya wanna go shoe shopping with me? ahhhh Do ya wanna go shoe? wanna go shoe? shopping with me me me me me!