Shindigs. Austin Tx. Novato sold out.

20140722-130129-46889350.jpg Today I fly back to San Diego in another episode of Where's Waldo. New York and Boston were good to me. Thanks for coming out to the shindigs. I wonder if that's what people who dig The Shins call themselves? Shindigs. Deadheads. Shindigs. Hmmm. Rugburns - Rugheads? Sideburns? I'm confused. What was I talking about?

Oh well, I can't remember. But thanks.

Oh I know what I was gonna say-- My July 27th show in Northern California at Hopmonk in Novato is sold out. So if you want to see a show, I'm playing 2 nights in a row in Austin Texas July 29 and 30. Austin isn't too far from the San Francisco Bay Area. You could walk there if you leave today and have comfortable shoes, a flyswatter, fishing pole and a knapsack.

Get you tickets early and save money. Strange Brew

Tues July 29 tix-

Wed July 30 tix-

Cheers, Steverino