20140406-082850.jpgAhhhhhhh the seventies. Radio was a hodgepodge mix tape of everything poppy sugary sweet, soulful and rocky. In this picture I was probably listening to The Carpenters and John Denver and Earth Wind And Fire and Godspell and Jackson Browne and The Jackson 5 and The Beatles and Jesus Christ Superstar and Eddie Rabbit and Kenny Rogers & The First Edition and James Taylor and Carly Simon and Queen and The Isley Brothers and Marvin Gaye and Joni Mitchell and The Raspberries and Kiss and Stevie Wonder and Gilbert O'Sullivan and Bread and The Doors and Cheech And Chong and George Carlin and Steve Martin and Richard Pryor and Parliament and Minnie Riperton and Phoebe Snow and Donna Summer and The Who and The Kinks and The Small Faces.

I was a child raised in The Seventies on radio. I learned every note of every song. My sister Kathy Swiggs would punch me if I couldn't sing all the words to Life Is A Rock by Reunion.

Ahhhhhhhh. Yes. Beautiful beautiful music all warping together like a strange piece of salt water taffy with psychedelic colors. I'd go to the record store and look at the gorgeous album covers beckoning me to come closer and smell the fresh vinyl. Pick it up and hold it and read the liner notes. Check in my pocket to see how much money I had. Decisions to make on exactly which record to purchase. Styx or Rod Stewart or Linda Ronstadt or The Rolling Stones or the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever.

Look at the posters on the wall of Farrah Fawcett and Cheryl Tiegs.

Look at the cute girl from your math class and cross country practice. She's also a mat maid for the wrestling team. When her braces come off we are going to see Grease. It'll be my tenth time seeing that movie and I know it by heart.

Have a good Sunday fun day unless you're in Australia where it's Monday. Boo.

Martin Edwards just touched up the photo in Photoshop and sent me it.