See the man about the horse

IMG_4240.JPGDo you ever have to pee but you just didn't know it? Like you were just sitting there perusing some stuff on ye auld internet and all of a sudden a picture you visually ate made you micturate? Has this ever happened to you? Answer me. Vee haff vaze uv mekking yoo tok.

Now of course there may be some of you naysayers sitting there reading this saying to yourselves "there's no way this guy is going to make me go pee. I won't allow it. I have a strong will."

The seed already planted.

Just look at the beauty of this pic and allow relaxation to set in and your bladder will right about now be sending a telegram to your brain to alert the authorities that it's time to go see a man about a horse.

Carry on with your bad selves.

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