Seaside California - tonight!

20120724-095110.jpgHey -people of the world! Unite! Come meet me tonight in Northern California at The Alternative Cafe. It's right by Monterey. Not far from Santa Cruz. Be like Steinbeck and take a trip and come say hello. My show starts at 7:30pm. I can't wait to see you. I'll even let you wear my finger puppets. They're freshly knitted. We are united in love. Shortsighted but united in love love love. Come to Seaside. Tonight. I'm headed south but first I must go see The Cindy Sherman Exhibit at The SF MOMA. Then- tonight- I freaking rock. Love reigns supreme. Love rains on me.

20120724-100222.jpg See you soon! My favorite Padres logo and colors.

20120724-100327.jpg xoxox Steve