Saturday schedule for Folk Alliance

Here's my nutso magutso schedule for today at Folk Alliance in Kansas City.FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21

11:00am Write a song with Ben Arthur for Acoustic Cafe at Knuckleheads in Kansas City. We debut the song tomorrow at 11:30am Then I teach a class called:

4pm- Steve Poltz-Let Your Freak Flag Fly (Chicago A) at The Sheraton Crown Center Hotel. A class on taking chances, making mistakes and finding your voice as a performer.

Then-- I play the following shows at The Westin Kansas City at Crown Center

Fri- 9pm Official showcase at Century C

Fri 11:30pm tikly showcase room 727

Fri 12:00am Jenni Finlay Promotions room 715

Fri- Feb 21: 12:30am room 737 Poltz and Pressmam's Sanctuary of Jamz

Everything Elsesteve poltz