Satan I reject thee!

sata2.jpgI woke up in the hills of Stanley Virginia this morning and got to see one of the most bestest wonderfulest sunrises ever. There ain't nothin' like the darn hills of old Virginny to make a man feel crazy hazy and never lazy. I felt Satan snapping at my heels and I yelled for him to shove his devil music up his arse. He wanted me to write some baaad music and I said to him "I reject thee Satan!" He grew a tail of spikes out of his head and his ears became antennaes and the songs of Beelzebub was a pourin' out of his Marshall stack of a mouth. I threw a rock at his balls and he yelped like a jackal with a scream that almost burst my eardrums. His tongue was 666 snakes and he chased me up a hill and I stabbed him in the eye with a stainless steel tuning fork. He fell down the hill and told me he'd be back in a few weeks. I'm moving to Sweden. Steven joshua joshua joshua judges ruth Poltz