Santa Cruz Crepe Place

Ok. Look how close Santa Cruz is to San Francisco. Not only do I want you to come to the show in San Francisco on Thursday night at The Red Devil Lounge, I also want you to then drive down to lovely Santa Cruz for the show Friday night at The Crepe Place. Do you like crepes? Because I love crepes and man oh man have they got crepes. Cripes they have crepes. Last time I played there Mr Steve Wozniak showed up and he danced like he was on Dancing With The Stars. Two bay area shows! That's what I'm talking about people. A chance to eat crepes and listen to live music and see computer programmers and comic book artists and eat real crepes. Hitchhike up or down or sit in the back of a tortilla delivery truck and smell all the fresh flour and corn tortillas before they're dropped off at various stores to be consumed by hungry families after a hard day of work in the salt mines. Hardworking families who say things like "It's taco night! Let's rent a movie and eat tacos. I can eat seven! How many would you like?" These are important questions to ask. The answer should be "Let's hold off on the tacos tonight and go see Steve Poltz and eat crepes. We'll pretend we're in Paris and maybe he'll sing that French song. Better yet, let's see him two nights in a row. We'll get extra credit! San Francisco on Thursday and Santa Cruz on Friday. Sushi Thursday and Crepey Friday! Our lives rock. Besides, singularity is near and according to Time Magazine by 2045 computers will be in control. So let's enjoy our last days of independence. Let's hold on to our freedom and relish our time together!" So, I guess that's that. Part of your week is now planned out. I'll see you in northern California. Wear flowers and your hair. Best wishes, Steve

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