San Francisco tonight! Thursday! Santa Cruz Tomorrow Night!--Friday!

San Francisco Tonight--/ Thursday! Santa Cruz Tomorrow night---Friday! I got my walking shoes a ready to go and I'm fixin' to be in San Francisco tonight at 9pm at The Red Devil Lounge. My walking shows feel good because I bought them years ago at RM Williams in Adelaide, Australia.

My little tenor guitar had to go to the hospital yesterday and get emergency surgery and the prognosis was good. She's fine and dandy and ready to rock. Her bridge was pulling off and was only holding on for dear life via the bridge pins. Fred owns The Repair Zone and he's a prince among men. He never panics when I'm freaking out over some smashed up guitar. He's zen master calm and he's simply the best. Go to him for all your guitar repair needs. You'll thank me. Anyways--- tonight come to San Francisco. Red Devil Lounge 9pm. No opener Tomorrow night- Friday- I'll be playing The Crepe Place in Santa Cruz.

Walk with me Steve