San Francisco (I'm in a video)

This is how I roll. Literally. On the road again.

20121203-084301.jpg Just got a message from my dear friend KC Turner that my San Francisco show on Sat Dec 8th is getting close to selling out. So that's great news unless you're planning on walking up and getting tickets. Better to get them in advance. A couple words about KC and the show-

KC Turner is a gem. A peach. A walking extravaganza. Who is KC Turner? He's a dude who years back decided to start promoting house concerts in the Bay Area. He would find cool people who wanted to host living room shows in really neat houses and he'd provide the sound and the following of music lovers. He's become one of my favorite people to do shows with in San Francisco and Oakland because they're always like a musical treasure hunt. He's amassed this huge following and always treats musicians well. So KC is turning 30. And his birthday bash is Saturday Dec 8. The venue is super cool. The Swedish American Hall in SF above Cafe Du Nord. Megan Slankard is on the bill. She's awesome! Matt The Electrician is on the bill. He is spectacular. And I'm on the bill. I'm insane. It's going to be fun. Get tickets here Also here's a video showing the venue and I make an appearance wearing antlers in this video. I'm a Poltzalope. Watch this

See ya in San Francisco! Happy early birthday KC!