San Diego to Brisbane

20120415-071159.jpgSo I left San Diego and flew to Brisbane. Yeah, it's a long 16 or so hours. I don really sleep that well on planes. Just a quick fitful zzz's while sitting up in my seat trying to get comfortable and find a place to curl my long legs somewhere. I envy those first classers up front with their fully reclining Ritz Carleton seats and five star meals. But man, it's really expensive and I can think of better things to spend my $$ on. But even in coach you get good movies choices. I watched a couple of Australian documentaries about musicians. If I were an Australian I'd say "I watched a coupla Stralian docos 'bout musos mate." I liked em both.

20120415-072104.jpg Chad Morgan I'm not dead yet. Narrated by Tex Perkins. Really cool. I learned a lot and just loved the journey of watching this Aussie legend travel across Australia making people laugh. Well worth checking out. Reg Mombassa has a couple of cameos and that made me cheer. Then I watched this one.

20120415-072355.jpg Autoluminescent -- Rowland Howard. Great old footage of some legendary gigs of The Birthday Party featuring Nick Cave and Rowland Howard. This film has all kinds of interview footage with heaps of different people including legendary film director Wim Wenders. Then for dessert I watched

20120415-072822.jpg Ahhhhh Fargo! I forgot just how great this movie is. My favorite scene is when Steve Buscemi gets shot in the face and walks inside to where his partner in crime is and says with a bloddy broken jaw whistley voice "you should see the other guy." Then I finally got the hell off the plane in Brisbane and had a much needed flat white at the airport.

20120415-073225.jpg That caffeine woke my skinny ass up and so I rented a car and tried to remember that they drive on the left side of the road. Then I went a Bikram Yoga class and sweated and stretched and stretched.

20120415-073720.jpg Then I sent and said some radio promo at ZZZ radio. Triple Zed as they call it. Then this cool cat named Alan Boyle who is Irish and opening the show had me over for dinner for some really great chili his lovely partner made. then by about 10 pm I realized I was human and I started dozing off mid conversation. Was snug as a bug in a rug by 11pm and slept the whole night through to 6am. That's how you kick jet lags ass. Love, Steve PS: it's Sunday morning and I have a show tonight at 8pm in Brisbane at The Old Museum. Come on out and say hi.