San Diego Chargers

  Honey? I WAS in love with you but I've recently met this rich chick in Los Angeles. She lives in Inglewood. So, I've decided to move in with her.

A few months later.....

Ummm honey? It's me. Uh yeah, things aren't really working out with the rich chick in L.A. I think I wanna move back in with you in our home in San Diego. Yeah- well to be honest, the chick in LA isn't really that into me I guess. It's kind of a long story and embarrassing.

So Whaddya think? Should we give it another go? Oh, I forgot to tell you that in a year she said she might have a bigger house and MAY want me to move back in with her. So I may leave you again next year but for now I want to stay here with you.

In the words of my dear friend Keith R. Wilson "Boy this is awkward."

San Diego Super Chargers -San Diego CHARGERS! #chargers

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