Rolling rolling rolling

20121206-084032.jpgHey Austin Texas! Tonight Thursday, Dec 6, I play The Saxon Pub at 9pm. 10 dollar advance tix 15 at door Saxon Pub Web I love Austin. See ya there!

And a huge thanks for last night's hospitality at The Cock and Bull Pub in Seabrook, Tx. What a sweet little venue they have there. Great food and Chris and his Ma Madeleine do a bang up job running the joint.

Also thanks as well to Chris Janusek for being such a cool teacher and inviting me to his classroom in Baytown Texas to play a show. Wow! His students are so funny. They all got up and made up verses to songs that didn't yet exist and we sang and danced like our lives depended on it. That's Chris on the first row right side. He's a great teacher. Peace! Steve