Rockin' the Suburbs

suburbs.jpgThe other night I played a house concert and they had to move it outside because there 130 folks there rockin' the suburbs. The girl on my left opened the show and was fantastic. Her name is Rhiannon and she strummed a guitar and sang and people loved it. The mohawk and the Led Zepplin guy were in the audience pretending the chairs were a mosh pit. It was like Woodstock 8 or something. The Canyonfolk house concert throwers (Bill and Shirlee) were great hosts and sure know how to throw a party. The Padres are in the playoffs against the dreaded Cardinals. I have developed a hatred toward any red birds I see anywhere at any time and shoot them at will with my rifle I bought at Wal Mart. I am going to the game today and the Pads are already down by 1 game. If they don't win today I am canceling all future shows. Why am I up at 4 in the morning typing this? I guess because I am nervous about maybe pitching in today's game. My fastball tops out at 40 mph and my change up is 39. I'm not fooling anybody up there at the plate but I'm all we've got. I have friends in Dtroit and Minneapolis that are rooting for the Twins and the Tigers and my Dad is rooting for the Dodgers and we are all losing our respective series. Oh well, it could be worse- Lou D in Philly doesn't have a team in the playoffs. I feel for him. Sincerely, A Guy with a Gun