Robin Williams

Robin Williams.I landed in San Diego last night at 8pm and turned on my phone and it immediately started blowing up with New York Times and CNN and NPR updates. It didn't make sense to me and I felt like I got punched in the gut. I grew up on comedy and especially Robin Williams. His mind was so fast I'd sometimes have to listen to his sentences a few times in a row to grasp everything he was saying. I was a huge fan of Jonathan Winters and Robin Williams seemed like he was his son. He was so adept at putting things into perspective but there was always a bit of sadness to him. You can see it in the photos online. So thank you Robin for your brilliant wit and for making me feel like I knew you. I know we would've been friends and I think that's what made you so loved. Everyone felt like they would've been your friend. It sounds silly but I wish I could hug you. I wish I could've had a cup of tea with you and talked about The World According Garp. Ya see, I was a wrestler in high school and that's part of the reason I love John Irving so much and you my friend were perfect for the role of TS Garp. Thanks for being my secret friend. In my mind we were buddies and I would call you when I had long drives. I loved you and I never even got to shake your hand. Rest in peace. Bless your heart.