Right on target

20110723-083953.jpgWe are right on target for where we need to be. Bullseye. We're like the best dart players in the world and we don't even know it. People are playing music on street corners and hobos are pushing carts full of cans and bottles that were in the hands of revelers just last night. It's Sunday and the world is spinning on its axis just as it should. Some people are eating menudo as a remedy for hangover and others are just trying to sleep it off. Me? I'm just opening my eyes and staking stock of things. I saw a bunch of old friends last night and heard some great music. Songs that I forgot I knew that were hiding in the deep recesses of my skull. It was loud and my ears are still ringing but damn it was fun. The spirit of John Kuhlken was in the air and his name wasn't spoken in hush sad tones. It was spoken in a spirit of remembrance and love and joy. Everyone in that bar seemed to have had some of Kuhlken konnectiin. The Macannanys, Deep In The Shed, Skunk Drunk, 30 Second President and Julie Mack. It was a sweaty, loud, drunk and joyful reunion of glory days gusto. I'm happy I was in town. It's cool to be home.