20140804-153448-56088071.jpgReunited and it feels so good! -- Last night I got to see my long lost pal and drummer extraordinaire Brady Blade. We toured the world together for many years as Jewel's band along with Doug Pettibone on electric guitar and Tony Hall on bass and Steve George on keys. Brady lives in Shreveport Louisiana and owns an amazing recording studio. He's played drums on tour with Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, John Doe and too many others to mention. He makes me laugh until water shoots out of my nose. Last night he came to my show and afterwards we went to his stellar recoding studio and he reminded me of the time I ran into him in Dublin Ireland when we both just happened to be in the same city in this big old world. He was playing drums for Emmylou Harris and asked me to be their keyboard player for this Irish television show they were performing on. I told him I didn't play keyboards and he said "don't worry about it Poltzy we are playing to a prerecorded track. Just act like you're playing the piano." Well- as you can imagine, I jumped at the chance and he told me to sit next to Emmylou in the van and talk baseball because she loves the game. So I did and we talked baseball for the whole drive over to the tv studio. I was in heaven! Here's what makes it even cooler- sitting one the other side of me was her tour manager Phil Kaufman. He's the fabled dude that made a promise with legendary singer Gram Parsons that if Gram died while Phil was still alive that Phil would make sure Gram's body was cremated at Joshua Tree and his ashes scattered. So after Gram died Phil actually stole his body in the coffin before it was to shipped to Louisiana and sped off to Joshua Tree to honor his promise. He completed the task and cremated Gram's body in the desert and was eventually arrested and fined about 300 bucks for the theft of a dead body and another 749 bucks for the cost of the coffin. This was back in 1973. I got to hear the whole story right out of Phil's mouth and needless to say between Emmylou talking baseball and Phil talking about stealing Gram Parsons dead body, I was in heaven.

Then to top it all off I got to act like I was playing keyboards on an Irish television talk show while Emmylou sang. I know I must've looked like the biggest idiot whenever the camera panned to me because my hands were in all the wrong places.

So- last night Brady jogged my memory and I fell asleep dreaming of baseball and ashes and Joshua Trees and Irish brogues.