Red Bank, New Jersey

audience.jpgThis is a view of the audience at last night's show in Red Bank, New Jersey. I took this picture from stage at the end of my set. See how happy they all are. One person is even waving their arms at me. Red Bank is a nice town with a good donut shop and a great comic book store. The police officers are friendly and the people at the Count Basie Theater are smooth like Yoo Hoo. The streets are paved of carmel and the drinking fountains serve 3 different kinds of water. Beer, Perrier and Powerade. Everyone gives you money if you ask them for it. Last night I sold a heap od CDs and a few t shirts. Plus I got fed backstage by The caterers and the food was excellent after a long drive. I won 20 bucks from my pal Lou for saying the words Cracker Barrel and gay from the stage in a sentence. My life is good and I don't really have any complaints. Thank God I don't have to have Thanksgiving dinner with Mel Gibson and Michael Richards. That would be a weird dinner. Kramer and Mad Max spewing convoluted theories about the news and religion and race History and stuff. No thanks guys. I'll just drive to the next gig. Love to all, Steve