Random Journey

20110928-153223.jpgOur journey continues until our little hearts stop fluttering as sentient beings and we traverse to the other side. It's a numbers game. That's all it is so I need to continue on my path and pay attention to the salty detritus that the former inhabitants leave behind. Clues and more clues on how to live a glorious life without being bereft of hope. At least that's what the spaceman just told me. I hang out with spacemen and women from other planets. We discuss various forms of birth control, food stamps and mostly cheese cloth. He's for cheese cloth and I'm against it because it doesn't taste good on grilled chee sang wiches.

If I only have one wish it's for love cookies to be distributed freely among the masses. We eat them and our bodies deliver the goods to our veins and rays of love shoot out like crazy lasers ricocheting to and fro until finally it is superfluous. Can love ever be in excess? Does it become too gooey and syrupy? Let's give it a try pilgrims. Meanwhile the ghost of Kathryn Hepburn floats through the rooms of this haunted hotel. She speaks of picking strawberries with Spencer and long walks through Central Park. Come here liver lips and give me a kiss. And while you're at it give me the winning lottery tickets or at least float me a fiver. I'll gladly pay you back next Tuesday. It pleases me to inform you that I'll be dancing in spasmodic motions tonight on stage at The Carleton at about 9 pm a rooni. Halifax Nova Scotia Canada. xo S