Random a rooni

20140605-014026-6026928.jpgSometimes when I walk through airports I saunter by the stores selling technology, water and magazines and I chant to myself "the chrysanthemums are in bloom and I haven't cleaned my room and King Tut is still in his tomb waiting for a sonic boom." Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. Then I march up to my gate and show my ID and my ticket and board the plane. It's a ritual that helps me relax.

Just finished a show at Lizotte's in Kincumber Australia. Sweaty. Tired. Great night. Don't know how I rallied but I did. I was asleep on the couch 20 mins before I went onstage. It was Kasey Chambers' birthday and she was with a group of friends. Great to see her

Next show is Thursday June 5 at Lizotte's in Newcastle but I have to do radio first. I'm going to be on Catherine Britt's show.

You know what's weird? People keep asking me why I don't play Dallas very often. Well-- I just added two Dallas Texas shows outta the blue. Fri aug 1 Dallas Tx House Of Blues with Toad The Wet Sprocket


Thurs sept 18 Dallas Tx The Kessler with Loudon Wainwright.

Cool! Dallas getting some love and giving some love. Win win.

Thanks to Pete Reichert for The a Rocket From The Crypt shirt. It got some sweaty love tonight on stage in Australia. Representing San Diego way down under.

Peace out. It's already Thursday Oct 5 at 1:35am. Goodnight now.