1. How the hell am I always so far behind on TV things? I'm on season 2 of Lost. Holy crap this show is Sooo good and it messes with my head. I'm watching it on Netflix. I just saw this episode where they play The Mama Cass song, Make Your Own Kind Of Music. Totally weirded me out when that song started playing. 2. Please don't ruin this show for me by telling me how it all ends or telling me it ends crappy. No spoilers por favor.

3. Make Your Own Kind Of Music is a great freaking song. Wow. I forgot how good it is. I'm going to learn how to play it today and probably annoy some of you with it. Others will find it pleasing. Ron Hanning aka Frag will most likely hate it. I love the sincerity in Mama Cass's voice and the quirky childlike melody.

4. I bought my parents Apple TV and taught them about Netlix and now they're really deep into Lost. They have way more free time than I do so they're probably already on season 3.

5. I'm back in San Jose now. We have a screening of Running Wild today at 12:30 at Camera 12 cinema for The Cinequest Film Festival.

6. I'm going to be playing heaps of shows at SXSW in Austin Tx. Many don't require a wristband.

7. Do you guys like Tom's toothpaste? I like the licorice flavored one.

8. Stinky and John Castro of The Rugburns will be playing with me at SXSW.

9. PG Tips tea makes me chatty. As you were.

10. xo