20120423-175517.jpgBack in Adelaide after a lovely time in Quorn. If someone had told me I'd be playing a place called Quorn in South Australia I'd probably still believe them. I mean, I play some remote places but this was pretty remote.

20120423-222434.jpg I played at Emily's Bistro and had a heck of a night. The town is like an old Aussie wild west type town. Situated right near The Flinders Ranges the mountains are nice and the sky is so blue. I played to a room a varying ages and sizes. The wooden floors made the room sound echoey and full.

20120423-222819.jpg Then I spent the night and woke up and taught a songwriting workshop to Sonja's class. They are 15 and 16 year olds. I tried my best to get them inspired. They all wrote songs and performed them for me. I think it went well. Sonja is really nice and caring and appreciative. Those kids are lucky to have her as a teacher. This was a great day. Happy to feel alive. Next stop-- Melbourne. Qantas flight in the morning. Lots of Melbourne shows. House concerts and venues. Check the show listings Going to sleep, Steve