Professor Poltz

ProfessorPoltz.jpgThe other day I spoke at a high school in Encinitas California. It was an economics class of all things. This was at San Dieguito Academy. The same school that Eddie Vedder went to. The same school that Tim Flannery's kids all went to. Why the hell would they ask me to talk to an economics class? I don't even balance my checkbook. I guess it's because I am the C.E.O. of 98 Pounder Records. I have even more respect for teachers than I already had. The class was from !:40 to 3:10. That's a lot of material baby. So I did what I know best which was play my guitar. It was a great freaking day and I can't wait to do it again. I tried to inspire the kids (I said kids) to follow their hearts and not chase the buck just to chase the buck. I hope they become beautiful artists and musicians and stuff like that. I was on KPBS radio a couple of days ago discussing music in advertising and selling out. It was an interesting segment called Selling Out: Industry Success or Compromising Artistic Integrity. To hear the segment in its entirety go to the website and click where it says to listen and you'll hear me on the panel. Click Here to listen Rehearsals for the upcoming tour are going really well. I leave for Australia on Christmas day and I am really excited to go back down under to Oz. After I get back from Australia I'll be hitting the road non stop with a band rocking your city or living room. I hope you're well and enjoying the hectic season that is upon us. Cheerio, Steve