Prinking Droblem

tooheys.jpgHere's a song I made up the other day. I would like to see my friend from San Diego sing this to me one night. His name is Troy Lee Wells and he would do an awesome cover version of it. Please Troy if you're out there do it and film it for me. I've got a prinking droblem My troctor dold me doe I humble stome And woose my lay Bore meer bore meer Gee sum whikky Wee sum gikky Tots of shequila tots of shequila I've got a prinking droblemuph My tother mold me doe Son said she Your liver hates you And said I bakk Well Lor wiver yates hoo too Woo hoo! Woo hoo! The coppers over me pulled And Said I Ossifer me likey badge you Mustache me too have donut I money me sister to you Now home is my jail Me prison wizzon Fizzon me pizzon He a man me kissin Ohhh I've got a prinking droblem And I know I down you let I dett you lown Prickly prickly poligies for you hoo My yestedaze taste like tomorrow's wine Bash my smottle and Bottle my smash and trash me in the put Ooh I've got a prinking droblem And sheep have me with sex And goats are my friends too See you in Cronulla tonight Stevey Jo