Pringles named as food group

20140118-124358.jpgIn your face everyone! Today The FDA made Pringles one of the food groups! It's a NEW food group. Hahaha! I am so laughing at all of you naysayers and transfat haters. Pringles are God's food. GMO God Modified Organisms. This makes my day. Read it and weep.

Saturday Jan 18, 2014 (Reuters) Washington DC

-Pringles To Be Named Food Group-

The FDA handed down a decision late Friday after several months of deliberations and testing and have decided the Pringles are a major food group.

According to Peeve Stoltz it was a long and arduous study. He was quoted as saying "It was a long and arduous study. I don't really know what arduous means but it's sounds important" he told an interpreter from Japan.

Stoltz also stated that it was "a victory for the little guy and I'm not talking about the Vienna Sausage in my pants. That's what she said" he said.

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside and hurled rotten eggs and hung effigies of Pringles cans while other pro-Pringles demonstrators clashed with police.

Mr and Mrs Pringles stood on a balcony in Rome and waved to people from their hotel. Many Italians simply waved back not really understanding what was going on.

"Why Pringles? And why not Donuts?!?" shouted a third group approaching from the south.

Schools and prisons will now be forced to include Pringles with all meals beginning in April. Shares of Pringles stock PRNG- NASDAQ rallied late in the day and temporarily shut down Wall Street.

Pope Francis was unavailable for comment.

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