Post Pontardawe laughter

20111114-023425.jpgWe played another show. Made a little cash. Met some new friends. Heard people speaking a strange language. A foreign tongue I couldn't ever decipher. I also saw some some funny signs.

20111114-023712.jpg This one was at the library. It's really funny to me. I also lined the fact that in every country dog poo is dog poo.

20111114-023901.jpg I also stumbled into a really cool old graveyard and I walked all alone through it until the hair on the back of my neck stood up.

20111114-024032.jpg Then we drove back to Stroud and I had a laughing fit the likes of which I haven't had in years. Simon kept dancing I front of me and saying "hello, I'm Daryl Hannah. Did you see me in Bladerunner?" then he'd dance like a spastic nutcase until I was shaking in convulsions from the deepest laughter in all of the universe. I loved it. I added a solo show in Stroud for Monday night at The Prince Albert. It's already Monday morning here. 2:45 am. Gotta sleep. No peep gotta count the sheep and pray my soul the lord to keep and leap beep up a steep and cheap deep heap eep eep eep uhhhhh Goodnight. Stevey Jo