Polcz -- last night was fun


20130510-101009.jpg The first show of this UK run was a cream filled donut of an evening. I played The Pelton Arms in Greenwich and if you weren't there then you missed the greatest show ever played in the history of all shows ever played. It's all downhill from here. Nothing in my life will ever be better. I'm quitting. No need for a victory lap. I'm a spent piece a carburetor left on a junk heap in an automobile graveyard.

Glenn Tilbrook showed up and played a couple of songs. He was stellar. Über stellar. I broke a string on my four string tenor which left me with only 3. I lost my bridge pin so I had to stick with 3 strings. You think that stopped me? Fack no. Facking thing was facking facked but I didn't care. Glenn played tasty licks like he was Jimi Hendrix. People's mouths were agape at his supple prowess. The world stopped spinning. I laughed I cried it was better than Cats.

When my grandpa immigrated to Canada from his home of Hungary the people at the immigration offices changed our name to Poltz. It was actually spelled Polcz. They said it would be easier to pronounce as Poltz instead of Polcz which sounds like Polch. Australians call me Poltzy so if we were to have never changed our name they would have called me Polczy which sounds like Polchy. Hmmmm. Very interesting.

Ok I've decided not to quit. I can't let Grandpa Polcz down. I've got work to do. Tonight I will rock. The Harrow Cricket Club. I can't let Noival Boise Doive (Naval Base Dave) down. Crikey mate! It ain't far at all from London. Here's the details: Fri May 10 Harrow Middlesex The Harrow Cricket Club 8pm Woodend Rd Harrow Middlesex HA1 3PP contact Dave by phone 07956 20246868 or email davidsummersell@hotmail.com See ya tonight. Dammit. Yours in rice, Steven Joseph Joshua Polcz