Peterborough Poltzies

20140613-080811-29291219.jpgUmmmm. Hello? Isn't there supposed to be a steering wheel on this side of the car? What is wrong with you people? (What do you mean "you people"?)

I'm goin up the country baby don't ya wanna go?

Headed to Peterborough South Australia today. I'm fixing to play a show at The Steam Train Museum tonight at 8pm. There's going to be a dinner served and kangaroos in tuxedos serving mint julips and finger sandwiches. Not just finger sandwiches but toe sandwiches and ear sandwiches too. Hitchhiker Joe must be the chef.

But seriously folks, it going to be a hoot of a hootenanny.

First thing though- this afternoon I'm teaching a songwriting workshop at Peterborough High School. They don't have a mascot. That's how small this country school is. So I'm going to call them The Peterborough Poltzies.

Here is the Facebook event link for the show tonight with details about how to buy tickets.

Also phone or text Sonja 0406361727 I'm in her car right now on a 3 hour drive so I'll answer your text or call.

Peterborough is just under 3 hours north of Adelaide so bring a jumper. (Not someone who is going to jump off of a building)

A jumper is a sweater here. In the words of Steve Martin- "It's like they have a different word for everything!" Except he was speaking of the French.

Anyways- I digress. See ya tonight cobbers. G'day. The fackin thing's fackin facked.

Steven Jo$eph Joshua Poltz