perthy poo

smallperth2.jpgMilan makes me sick. he made me get up off of the couch because he wanted to take my picture with the stupid sunset. I was having the best time with the curtain shut, geeking out on my computer. He's always yelling at me and complaining. If I had a can of vegemite I'd throw it at his face and make him go to the emergency room then at least I wouldn't have to listen to him say "Come on, it's time for sound check" wawawa. But seriously folks Perth was absolutely fantabulistic (Hey if George Bush can say nukeyalur I can say fantabulistic) Perth reminded me of Baja California mixed with Mars. I remember when I was the first man to set foot on Mars, how freaked out everyone was. I hate it when people throw parades in my honor, especially ticker tape, it messes up my hair. Today I am in Melbourne and I'm going to go to yoga because I feel freaky deaky. I have had more cups of tea than a gnome in a crack house (do gnomes really drink tea? for that matter do they really smoke crack?) Either way, I'm happy and I miss my mommy and daddy. waaaa Please don't take my blankie away. Love Steven "still getting my teeth in" Poltz p.s. the reason this picture says may 17 2004 is because I am a time traveller and perth is a month ahead in the time zone. next month is really cool. I won American idol.