Perfect day

20140325-093723.jpgIt's a perfect day to watch the world whiz by. A lovely day to dream the day away with daydreams. I like to doze off in the middle of reading a book on a couch with the windows open and mentally travel to somewhere else. Sometimes I'm far from home and I forget where home is so I look up to the stars and spin around in circles and become radar man. I send signals out to the great beyond and listen to the sonar echoes of bats. Then I click my heels against the peat moss and roll around in the ivy until warm honey magma pours from the center of the earth and I bathe in Mother Nature's essence. Eau de parfum of mama nature.

This is how we become butterfly caterpillars and crawl and hide and wait. We let the ants protect us. We are superheroes.

I hope to have my doctoral thesis on bats and baseball and butterflies finished later this month.

So what have we learned? 1- I'm going koo koo. 2- sleep is good. 3- I have a new rock record out called The Accident 4- I leave for Florida tomorrow 5- I will become a butterfly by Thursday 6- spring training is almost over and The Padres are going to win The World Series 7- bats use radar to see where they're going 8- there are many different types of tacos you can make guests that are vegan and gluten free as well as catering to carnivores. 9- everyone loves tacos