Penn Syl Vania

20110513-015712.jpgAs you can see, here's a great shot of Three Mile Island in the background spewing steam as I languidly cavort with the bugs and the fishes. Pennsylvania is flat out weird. I thought I was weird but Penn is weird. I must come back and do more research. Did you guys ever see The Deer Hunter? Anyways, I played at a really cool venue/brewery called The Abbey. The promoter Mike Van Jura, was aces and I can tell he's going to be a friend and of great help in the Harrisburg area. Also, my friend Frizz is a champion I love him so much. He's a born and bred Pennsylvania boy who is one of the most easy going characters I've ever met. He and his friends showed up and made the night special. I'll definitely be back again. Thanks also to his gal Laurie for letting us use their house as a base of operations for our grand schemes and plans. I'll do a show at the lake and one in town and next thing you know there'll be a statue of me in this burg of a hamlet.

Now I'm off to New York. Piermont, Ny that is. Im playing a quaint little venue called The Turning Point. I mean where else would I play on Friday the 13th? If you're anywhere near Manhattan then you need to make the trek to Piermont. Have dinner have a beer have a laugh. Make it a party. Make it a date. Make it make it make it. You'll have fun and you'll go to heaven when you die.

I leave for Canada on Sunday so I'll be staring at you from the north while I'm gone. Hope everything is good in your world. I hope your days are filled with great food and love and art and music and baseball and that you're healthy. Happy Friday The Thirteenth. Steve