Pancakes are 1 of the 5 major food groups


Several of the studies I've worked on over the years have led me down the path of nutrition. As many of you know, I've shattered many of the standard beliefs on health that were previously thought to be true. My pancake thesis was recently used in a Supreme Court decision that is currently classified as top secret until the "situation" in Libya has been resolved. I am however able to tell you that a new pancake with almond butter and bananas is thought to be the ultimate number one food in the mother of all food chains. All pancakes are helpful and there are many varieties to choose from. Simply put, pancakes are brain food sent down from heaven. The more you go to your favorite pancake eatery the more they'll get to know you and put you on a program that suits your blood type. They'll even write your name in flavorful syrup and greet you with an all knowing smile. A smile that seems to say, "We're turned on that you're taking care of yourself!"

*pancakes are also known as flapjacks and hotcakes*