Pals for life (Rugburns added to Feb 19 Belly Up show)

pals23.jpgYou guys are my pals for life. That means that I've taken out life insurance on all of you. We're all in this together like flies stuck on that yellow sticky paper you sometimes see in truck stop toilets. I have a feeling that if you're friends with me then you'll have a good 2010. Of course, I'll have to "dispose" of one or two of you in order to reap the proceeds and continue to live this privileged life I've been gifted. I'm staying in a hotel right now that's haunted. I'm scared of ghosts and I feel a couple hovering around me now. Perhaps I'll make friends with them and make them a cup of tea. I walked upstairs and to my room #38 at the end of the hall and my door slammed shut but I never touched it. I got chills. The Rugburns have been added to my birthday extravaganza blowout show at The Belly Up Tavern! John Castro is flying out from NYC and he's bringing his bass geeetar with him. This is going to be my new cd release for "Dreamhouse" and I'll play a set with The Cynics and then rest for 15 minutes and finish off the night with The Rugburns. Of course, don't forget that the wonderful Mojo Nixon will start off the evening with a rare performance. If you've never seen Mr. Nixon then in you're in for a treat like you can't imagine. I'll be on ABC radio this Saturday January 9th being interviewed by the illustrious Simon Marnie. 9:40 am Sydney Australia time. Listen here cobbers. I'm a day ahead you peeps in The USA so if you're in California that would be Friday the 8th at 2:40 pm. It's all so confusing but we're 17 hours ahead. Carry on, Steve