Pacific City Oregon tonight

20140412-092139.jpgLast night was the first night of this new little tour I'm on with the Shook Twins. We played Portland and the place was sold out jam packed. They have a great crowd and people were rapt. It's going to be a good run.

I wish I could sleep more. Why oh why oh why can't I sleep in?

Tonight I do my own show in Pacific City Oregon at Twist Wine Bar. It's an early 7pm show. Sean and Chenin Cilurzo Carlton own this place and they also own The Ribcage next door. Chenin grew up on a winery in Temecula. Cilurzo! Her brother Vinnie owns Russian River Brewery.

I hope you make the trek. It's pretty in Pacific City. Tonight Pacific City! If you show up I'll give you a dollar. You can put it in Greek bonds and in ten years that dollar will be worth ten gyros. I'm feeling bullish on the Greek economy.

Tonight Twist Wine Bar. Right next to The Ribcage.