Orangey and Magornjee

20140618-180844-65324061.jpgOne time these two carrots fell in love on an organic farm in the middle of a beautiful rich soiled field in Fleeberstock Earth. Their names rhymed: Orangey and Magornjee. When they were pulled from the ground they scurried towards each other as only carrots can and jumped into each other's arms. The native inhabitants were so overcome with joy that they threw a huge party for all of their neighbors and friends. They wanted to serve everyone carrot juice but orangey wasn't having it. They revolted and ran away by jumping in the back of a post office jeep. They were hiding under IRS notices and coupons and packages and eventually made their way to a market in West Australia. I happened to be walking by this market today in Fremantle when I heard their little carrot voices calling out to me. "Hey Poltzy! Please buy us and bring us to your show tonight at Mojo's." I bought them for one and a half dollars and I'll take them to my show tonight for their last concert. After my shows I'm always hungry so I plan on slicing them up and cooking them in butter in a hot frying pan. If you would like them to live and not be eaten please send money to me---> Steven Joseph Joshua Poltz. All I ask for is your credit card numbers and cvv codes and exp dates. I'll only take what I need. Otherwise old Orangey and Magornjee will be in my belly by morning and then most likely poo'd out later that day. I hate to be harsh but the world is a mean place.