opening day & yay 4 baseball!

berk-peev23.jpgThis is pic of Padres winning pitcher Jake peavy in the middle and amazing songwriter Jeff berkley on the right. Post game. Padres win! Padres win! Woohoo! We're undefeated. (for one day) I went to the opening day game in San Francisco and The Pads shut out The Giants by a score of 7 to zip. Jake peavy pitched a gem. I was having an identity crisis on my way to the ball park. Ya see, our main man Bruce Bochy who managed the team left to manage The Giants and took along my dear friend Tim Flannery to coach 3rd base. A couple of other Pads also joined The Giants so we were calling them the San Francisco Padres. I wasn't sure if i could still root for The Pads. (I know if you don't like or understand baseball then this is boring the shit out of you but it's a big deal to me so please try and understand.) But it was in my DNA and the moment the game started I found myself root root rooting for The Padres. I couldn't help it. I want Tim Flan to do well this year and Bochy too but just not when they play Los padres. This pic was taken at this private show I played afterwards in the city at Cobb's Comedy Club. I got Tim Flannery to get up and sing a song as well as Berkley and his singing partner Calman hart. If you don't have their CDs then go out and get em. Then winning pitcher jake Peavy got up and sang a real purty song he had just written. It was a fantastic evening of music. A huge thankyou goes out to Jeremy for making it happen. He owns a great Japanese restaurant in San Francisco called Ozumo and was the one to put on this shin dig and get me tickets to the game. He also suggested that i write a song I Poured Her A Sake and She Got Cocky That Night. So I did as I was told and made up the song at the game and played it that night. Good times. It's a long season of baseball ahaed of us and I love new beginnings. It's springtime and all is right for just one night. Respect Yo, Polio